Taz Bee Training Graduates

Congratulations to these amazing dogs who have completed a program with Taz Bee Training!

Toby - Mike and Betsy

Toby came to us a very nervous pup. He now has his basic obedience down pat and has recently completed intermediate obedience! Way to go Toby!

"When we started with Kelly at Taz Bee Training, our Toby was anxious with fear aggression. Kelly taught us how to communicate with Toby to increase his confidence and minimize his fear. Today, Toby is a confident pup! Kelly is Patient, responsive, and knowledgeable. We are so grateful for her help!"

~ Betsy Reiner

Scarlet & Indigo - Eden & Rodney

Indigo and Scarlet are littermates that needed some confidence. Now they have their basic obedience and a more confident disposition. They can now do obedience on their own, or next to each other while on a pack walk.

Teddy - Christy & Greg

Teddy was a happy puppy that just needed a little guidance in the world. Now he has happily completed Basic obedience and loves exploring new places with his people. Teddy worked hard to build his confidence when exploring new places and objects while developing some amazing obedience skills. Teddy enjoys working with his owners and practicing his obedience skills in new places and around the house. Way to go Teddy!

Pippin - Derek & Jess

Pippin was a stubborn little guy when he first started with TBT. Now he loves working his obedience with his family! Pippin had to build some confidence in this world that is so much bigger than he is! Now working with the right equipment for him and his family, he could not be more eager to please his parents. His favorite past times include snuffle matts and playing hide and seek with treats.

Cole - Denise

Cole is a black lab that has plenty of energy to spare! His main goals with Basic Obedience were to be able to harness the energy and have him use it constructively, as well as learn some more manners around the house.

Now he has house manners and is very eager to please. Cole loves a good game of fetch, and is happy to practice his commands between throws. He absolutely loves the freedom this training has given him!

Way to go Cole!

Gwen & Asher - Mark

Gwen and Asher are two goldens that love walks! They came to work on touching up their basic obedience and work towards full off-leash reliability.

After completing Basic Obedience in September, they are now well into their beginnings of Advanced Obedience.

Lulu & Milly - Sam and Dylan

Lulu and Milly have come so far! Lulu worked on her listening ears while Milly built confidence and learned that the world is not a scary place.

With the help of the place command and a lot of encouragement, they are becoming confident in themselves and their humans, and now they are ready to take on the world!

Enzo - The Seeger Family

Enzo worked on confidence building as well as working on adding to his obedience foundation. His family worked hard to find the right motivation for him, as he is a very nervous boy.

With more confidence than he has had before, Enzo graduated from Basic Obedience.

Scout - Sara

Our first puppy preschool graduate!

Scout has big plans and starting with puppy preschool will set her out on the right foot! Now with a new confidence, we can hardly wait to see how far scout can go!

Nala - The Lizano Family

Nala has come so far! Since starting her program, Nala has learned more house manners, leash manners, and how to exist in society.

Since starting this program, she has been able to rock camping with her family, and absolutely enjoys it! We look forward to continuing to watch you grow, Nala!

We look foreword to the next batch of clients and their pups reaching the end of their programs! Keep an eye out for our next graduates!