Meet the Team!

Kelly Emenheiser - Trainer


About me:

I have grown up with dogs in my household.  In 2019 I rescued a dog in need, and helping him led me to dog training!  Now a graduate of Northeastern High School of Manchester, PA, I am following my dreams!

Since completing school I have trained my personal dog, Honeybee, to be my Gluten Detection dog and furthered my experience training my family dog, Taz.

Currently, I am learning more about service dog work and training a large variety of specified tasks to help disabled people in my community by assisting them in training a service dog of their own as a lower cost alternative to larger service dog schools.

Now starting my own business, I can hardly wait to help people understand their dogs and assist with any problems their furry friend might present.  I work with a balanced method of training making each program customized to each client and dog.

I look forward to continuing my professional training journey by assisting you and your dog to reach your goals!

Honeybee - Head Demonstration Dog

Honeybee is a 2 year old rescue Kelly adopted in February of 2021.  Honeybee traveled to the National K-9 Learning Center of Columbus, OH with Kelly and has completed a wide variety of training.  Currently Honeybee spends her time snoozing or helping Kelly as her Gluten Detection Service dog. 

Honeybee is trained in gluten detection, off-leash reliability, basic through advanced obedience, scent detection, tracking and trailing, and soft mouth retrieval.

Her favorite past-times include chewing on her favorite bone and running all around the grounds.

You will most likely spot Honeybee during your consult helping to demonstrate how we do things here at Taz Bee Training.

Taz - Assistant Demonstration Dog

Taz joined the Emenheiser Family November of 2019 and is guessed to be about 10 years old.  He enjoys his retirement snuggling up in blankets, but makes sure to patrol the grounds for deer on occasion.

You may spot Taz in your consult if you have a nervous or shy dog, as Taz was very nervous when we got him.  He enjoyed his rehab to learn that the world is not a scary place. 

Taz is trained in obedience and off-leash reliability and continues to work on being comfortable around other dogs. 

Now he spends most of his time chilling in the sunshine, living his best retired life.