Meet the Team!

Kelly Emenheiser - Trainer

Growing up, I always loved dogs and wanted to do something in the dog field when I grew up.  Since veterinary work is not for me, I turned my attention towards dog training.  In 2019 I adopted a fear aggression behavior case, Taz, and dove into the world of behavior modification training.  After working with Taz for a year with the help of Mary Smallwood at Keystone Dog Training, he was in a place I could adopt a second dog, Honeybee.  Honeybee ended up going to the National K-9 School for Dog Trainers with me in the fall of 2021 to get certified in dog training.  Since she excelled during the program, I have continued her training and she is now a gluten detection service dog.

In my free time, I enjoy going on hikes with my dogs, camping, and gardening.  Additionally, I visit schools to help educate students how to interact with pet dogs and service dogs as well as answering their many questions about anything dogs.


Honeybee - Head Demonstration Dog

Honeybee is a 5 year old rescue Kelly adopted in February of 2021.  Honeybee traveled to the National K-9 Learning Center of Columbus, OH with Kelly and has completed a wide variety of training.  Currently Honeybee spends her time snoozing, playing in the yard, or helping Kelly as her Gluten Detection Service dog. 

Honeybee is trained in gluten detection, off-leash reliability, basic through advanced obedience, scent detection, tracking and trailing, and soft mouth retrieval.

Taz - Assistant Demonstration Dog

Taz joined the Emenheiser Family November of 2019 and is guessed to be about 10 years old.  He enjoys his retirement snuggling up in blankets, but makes sure to patrol the grounds for deer on occasion.

Taz is trained in obedience and off-leash reliability and continues to work on being comfortable around other dogs. 

Now he spends most of his time chilling in the sunshine, living his best retired life.