Service Dog Training

Service Dogs in Training

Service dogs are dogs who are task-trained to help someone with a disability. From alerting the owner when an allergen is present to assisting by picking up items or opening doors, there are many tasks that you can train a dog to assist with.

Our head trainer Kelly has experience training her personal dog Honeybee to be a gluten detection dog. Along with allergen detection work, Kelly has education in training soft mouth retrieval and tasks such as opening doors or turning on lights.

Kelly has goals of training service animals for a variety of purposes and is working with Honeybee to increase the number of tasks she can train a dog to complete to assist a disabled owner.

Not all dogs are suitable to be a service animal. Some dogs love to work for their handler, and others are happier at home. TBT wants to make sure you have the right dog to make your training as successful as possible.

Have a dog?

TBT is willing to evaluate your current dog to see if they are a candidate for being a successful service dog. Not all dogs have what it takes to be a service dog, some are happier as pets. TBT wants you to be as successful as possible and making sure you have the right dog is the place to start.

Need a dog?

If you are looking into getting a service dog and don't have a dog yet, no worries! TBT is willing to work with you to find a suitable rescue dog or a reputable breeder to get a dog from. It may take a while to find the right dog, but we will stick with you to find the right dog for you.


Taz Bee Training will only train service dogs for individuals with disabilities discussed with your trainer to ensure proper task training takes place. Able-bodied clients may train dogs to complete some tasks, however, the dog WILL NOT qualify as a service animal.