How We Train

Here at Taz Bee Training (TBT), we use a customized balanced approach.  Each dog has different training needs and TBT customizes your program to your dog.  Our approach to training opens reliable communication between you and your beloved pooch. 

As training progresses, we use leash, verbal and hand signals as lines of communication.  Our goal is to have as many lines of communication as we can between you and your dog.  This allows your dog a better understanding of what is being asked of them, as well as makes your commands more reliable.

Using training tools such as a training collar, leash, your praise, and some treats we make sure you and your dog see success.  We know that not every tool for training works for every dog, so we make sure to pick your training supplies based on you and your dog.  

There is no one size fits all in dog training, and I hope that you use TBT to get the best training approach for your dog!